January 9, 2015

The Corner of Blah and Funk

I prefer highs and lows to an even keel. Moderation is never something I've been good at. - Jenny Eclair

I'm in a funk. I'm in a funk's funk and I'm sure that the -13 degree windchill and blowing snow with only the briefest appearances of the sun over the past few days have nothing at all to do with it. (And other fantasies I entertain.)

It can't still be a holiday hangover at this point! It's already the 9th of the new year. I'm SO over Christmas. Once I admitted to myself that moving the decorations from one room to another didn't really constitute putting them away I got right to it and they're so much closer to away now than they've ever been.

Add to that the fact that I made the mistake of reading an article on how to become an MVP Legacy Builder by John Burton while in said funk and there's a recipe for disaster that's being cooked up for dinner tonight! (At least it's low fat.)

The article talked a lot about how important it is to find your passion since passion is the driving force in all success. Was it helpful? Not today. Well written? Yes. Full of great information? You bet! The non helpful part was that I have about as much passion about anything at the moment as I have for boning a particularly stinky fish. (I did bookmark it for later though.)

At least I can now see this passionlessness  is not only a bummer but may also be heralding in the demise of my legacy! (And yes passionlessness is a word. It might be a brand new, hot off the press word, but lets count it.)

Now this is usually the part in the blog post where I'd switch over to something cheerful or helpful like  tips on how just a change of perspective might help, or maybe share some ideas for overcoming some trial but this time - I'm here to confess - I've got nothing!

So...this post is a chance for you to tell me: What's your best solutions for digging out of a funk? If you're feeling passion and it is the driving force that's propelling you forward toward a meaningful goal - how did you happen upon it. Was it by quest or by accident? I've heard of both through my SPARKS interviews but I hate to admit my current quest is coming up dry. Does this mean I need to wish an accident upon myself? I shudder.

Load me up with your best stuff. I hear the sun'll come up tomorrow and I want to be armed and ready to go!

PHOTO: Picture of mask painted by Sarah Kopp


  1. Good post - you described how so many of us feel in January. I was thinking about this last night and your blog titled Holiday Hangover. My eureka moment came when I recognized what I needed was something to look forward to in the near term, preferably in sunshine. My funk dissipated the minute I decided that I was taking an afternoon off next week, on the one sunny day that’s been forecasted. My thing will be driving out to my favorite seaside little tourist town for lunch. Thanks for your insight – it helped me out of my passionlessness.

    1. Don't you LOVE that word? Once I posted I decided to find out if "passionlessness" was a real word since my computer dictionary has never heard of it. Here's what I found: Dictionary.com Passionlessness definition, not feeling or moved by passion; cold or unemotional; calm or detached. Pretty much sums it up!

      I'm glad my griping helped. :) I hope your sunny day pans out and wish I was going with you! We had a bright sunny day yesterday and it turned out to be the finale of the funk! Have a great week Kate!