December 15, 2014

Twas Days Before Christmas...

Twas days before Christmas,
Not a Christmas card out!
I'm starting to feel like a
Christmastime lout!

So I took to my keypad,
with time quickly fleeting,
To send you good cheer
via chintzy e-greeting.

Forgone is the letter,
With all the yule-chatter.
I've had good days and bad days,
So what does it matter?

My blessing are greater
Than any complaint
I've tried to do better...
But still...I'm no saint.

Another year older,
A pound or two fatter,
Yet I step on the scale,
And it still doesn't shatter!?

A few more the wrinkles,
Some grays sprout anew,
If your blessed to live long enough,
You'll get old too.

To be happy and healthy,
Is my wish for you.
And the best in the New Year
In all that you do.

I'm blessed by our friendship
With memories so rare 
So I needed to tell you
How dearly I care.

Next year I'll do better,
Easy said - but still hard,
With any good luck -
You'll at least get a card! 


-Anita Stout 2014
All Rights Reserved 
Picture credit: Shoebox Greetings

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