November 12, 2014

There's Always Room To Grow

A few weeks ago at church, during a wonderful message being shared by a member of the congregation, my eyes were attracted to a wordless sermon being preached seemingly just for my benefit in the pew directly in front of me. A lovely little girl, decked head to toe in purple had slipped out of her shoes. So had her mother. What happened next is pictured above.

As I sat quietly watching the tiny feet moving around in the much too big shoes, several things struck me. The first was that no matter how far we've come in life, there's always room to grow. The shoes in the picture illustrate the size our lives could be if we're willing to allow the growing process to become an integral part of our journey.

Growing doesn't happen passively and it's not a spectator sport. It means knowing ourselves well enough to evaluate where we can use some expansion. It requires that we hold up a mirror and then have the courage to face what reflects back at us -  honestly. (I don't suggest doing this first thing in the morning! :)

If that isn't possible (and often it isn't) we need to ask others for a second opinion and then be willing to weigh what we hear with a mind open to discovery. Growing isn't always a pleasant process but it's brings unimagined rewards. 

The scene also brought another thought to mind. It reminded me of how stunted we can show up in our own lives. We sometimes stumble around awkwardly drinking shallowly from an endless supply of possibility. We play small. We play safe. We rattle around in the expanse of our potential without knowing the size of it and often being afraid to find out. I think we sometimes forget that with a little belief and some grit, we could grow to fill the full measure of ourselves.

Being in church as I was, I saw the spiritual implications as well. I thought of how I sometimes feel like those tiny feet, trying to navigate a life that often feels much too big for me. What a comfort it is for me to know that I'm never stumbling alone. Help is always just a prayer away.

It also reminded me that while I continue to work on growing, Christ makes up the difference between where I am and where I need to be as I move forward in faith - believing. I think I'll keep this picture handy to remind me.

I don't believe for a minute that I'm the only one who receives messages from unlikely sources just when I need them. I think they're around us all the time just waiting for us to notice. Have you noticed any recently? 


  1. Beautiful post Anita, I love the analogy!! I agree faith, prayer is key we are never alone...and You helped me by reading this tonight; just what I needed...Thank you!!

  2. Thank you Karen. I felt the same way watching it as the thoughts were coming to me. I'm glad it helped you too!