September 8, 2014

Life On Hold

Have you ever felt like your life was "on hold?"

You know, you have a great idea that you can't wait to implement. You've been dreaming and scheming and it's finally starting to gel when life throws a curve ball and your attention is suddenly redirected without your permission? OR You've saved and planned for a great vacation and have been looking forward to it for quite some time  and something happens unexpectedly and you need to reschedule? OR... and I could go on here for pages and pages and not include all the situations that can stall other things - put life on hold - or so I thought.

I'm finally realizing that life is NEVER on hold. All that happens, no matter when it happens is life marching right on. The idea that it's any other way, I believe, comes from our need to feel that we have some control of life - like it rises and falls on command and happens according to our careful or even haphazard planning. I for one am still surprised when it doesn't despite all evidence to the contrary.

One of my kids posted a sign on the refrigerator years ago that read "To have peace in your life, resign as general manager of the universe." Do you think they were trying to tell me something? I remember feeling perplexed at the time. I didn't believe for a minute that I was trying to control the universe. I guess all universal controlists feel the same way. 

I'm realizing lately, just how few things I really do have control over. It's been a bit bewildering actually. People eat when they want to and not as a result of our worry and pleading. The same goes for my dog. It rains when it rains regardless of my plans. People leave this earth whether I'm ready to let them go or say goodbye to them or not and the pace of passing time keeps speeding up no matter how hard I cling to it and try to slow it down by sheer will.

There are a few things I can control. I can control attitude about all these things. (Sometimes.) I can control how I spend the accelerating time. (Once in awhile.) I can control my emotions. (Almost never)

OR - I can just try to accept that life has a plan of it's own and once in awhile the things I want or plan fit nicely into it's schedule and try to learn from all else that happens around those things. Maybe I'll give more thought to handing in my resignation for universal control and try the peace route for a change.  Care to join me?

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