August 8, 2014

What Are You Looking For?

"Seek And Ye Shall Find"  -Jesus

Those are the most profound five words that were ever spoken and very few of us ever really understand the significance of them. It works. It really works. It doesn't matter what you're seeking. Often it's assumed that it only applies to the seeking of spiritual enlightenment, or answers to life's deepest mysteries. That is the truth - but not the only truth.

Whatever we seek, we will find. Try it. Spend a day seeking what's wrong with everything and see what you find. I guarantee it won't be pleasant. Then, spend another day seeking the good in every person and situation you encounter and see for yourself how good the world and people in it can be - it works.

Seeking is about noticing. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we have total control of our noticing. We can choose every minute what to notice - what to pay attention to. I found this out myself when I married my husband. 

David doesn't seem to be as adverse to clutter as I am. In the beginning, his indifference to it drove me nuts. Everywhere I looked I saw evidence that he didn't care that clutter drove me nuts - therefore, he must not care about me. Once I "noticed" that, I started to notice other ways that proved this theory. Socks on the floor, books stacked on every surface etc. I can tell you it wasn't a happy time for me. Then one day we were driving down the road heading west as the sun was beginning to set. Being height challenged, the visor is little less than a tease for me. I'd left my sunglasses in my car and we were in David's car. Seeing the sun shining into my eyes, David reached over and put his hand under the visor to block the glare. Who does that? Once I "noticed" that kind gesture, my mind started retracing past acts of kindness and consideration. In an instant I became aware that those considerate acts far outnumbered the "offenses" that I believed proved he didn't care.

I was SEEKING evidence to support a preconceived notion and it was there. That's the point...the evidence is always there! If you're looking for a reason to be upset, there is absolutely no doubt that you'll find it. It's right next door to all the evidence for being happy and content. It works every single time!

My question is this: Is what you're seeking worth finding? Will it bring you happiness or add fuel to already blazing fire of discontent? Are you seeking reasons to believe the world is a friendly place or evidence to support your pulling back from life and the people in it? 

How about your dreams? Are you seeking reasons that they can't possibly work as a way to avoid taking a chance or are you seeking every possible solution that will lead to the life you'd love to create?

It's up to you. You are choosing every moment what you will find next. Seek wisely!

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