April 18, 2014

Love Me The Way That I Am

I read this message today from a young woman on my Twitter Feed:

 "Love me the way I am, not the way you want me to be."

Short but pointed. I believe it's something most of us feel at times.  Maybe we've had the courage to express it.  Maybe not. Either way, don't we all want to be accepted "the way I am" - even if we're not yet who we want to be?

Don't we all hope to be better at some point?  Do we only deserve acceptance when we've reached our zenith? Even then what's the guarantee that our zenith will be acceptable to someone else?

I believe we all, not only crave acceptance "the way I am" while trying to become more, but that acceptance is the nourishment that keeps us alive as we travel there. 

If we can agree that we want love and acceptance even as we're trying to be better, is it a safe bet that those around us crave the same things?  It's easy to love what's loveable.  What's not to love?  It fits with our particular brand of OK.  Life is good.

What do we do when there is something we don't love about someone we do love? Can we withhold acceptance from others while at the same time crying out for it for ourselves?

Life is full of little conundrums.

What might happen if we could find a way to love others as they are, while treating them as they could be.  What could happen if we could find a way to give ourselves the acceptance we so desperately seek from others while treating ourselves as we could be?  Just a thought.

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