February 23, 2014

The Boat Is Already Rocking

I read an article recently that stated that "bad is 5X stronger than good."  The article was a business piece on the influence of bad apples on the morale and performance of good apples and suggested ways to minimize those effects.

Over all, there were some good points made, but what stuck in my mind more than anything was the assertion that "bad" is 5X stronger than "good."

I don't believe that for a moment.  Bad is NOT 5X stronger than good. Bad is 5X louder than good and louder does not equal stronger.  For some reason "disgruntled" manages to find a voice for itself while "satisfied" and "content"  don't always need vocal expression.

"Good" people for instances, tend not to want to "rock the boat."  Guess what people...the boat is already rocking and unless something is done, we could all end up wet.  It's time for those who are positive, have faith in the future, with good character and work ethic to speak up and steady it.

When did "good" become the silent majority?  When did bullying become the acceptable "way things are?"  It happened one choice to keep quiet at a time.

In every place where we have influence, it is up to us to use that influence as a voice that speaks in opposition to "bad" whether it be negative attitudes or character degradation.  If good keeps it's mouth shut, it's asserting contentment with what's being said or done by default.

So, does one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?   Yes if all the other apples sit around and adopt by default the rotting influence of the one bad apple. 

To Good Apples Everywhere:  SPEAK UP OR GET READY TO SWIM.


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