February 17, 2014

Shawarma, Tabbouleh, A Book, Oh My!

Whoever said you can't teach a dog new tricks, didn't know this old dog!

In January, I started a blog.  That's a new trick!  In January I also posted on Facebook that "I hope my life never gets so exciting  that I feel a need to post about it in 140 characters on Twitter."  I then added that "I hoped my life never got so boring that I would want to follow anyone else's life in 140 Characters on Twitter."

In February alone, I finished a book, and became a middle eastern cook! AND...I also joined Twitter!  Yes, yes, I know.  A total sell out on my part, and just one more notch on my "don't knock it till you've tried it board."  (There are actually some people on there who  are contributing substance that I'd otherwise have missed!  I've learned a lot already!  Just be selective with who you follow.)

So, here's what this "old dog" has learned:  There is still so much to learn!  One year ago I'd never heard of Shawarma!  Now I'm cooking it.  Tabbouleh?  What the heck is that or Quinoa for that matter?  Who knew there was Quinoa??

I'm a dedicated learner of new things.  I thrive on new ideas and will hit on something and obsessively study the heck out of it until...wait!  Look over there!  There's something else awesome I've missed! Then I'm off to find out all I can about that.

I have an intimate relationship with Google.  We visit several times daily.

Learning, trying new things, engaging with new people, trying on new ideas...that's what keeps life vibrant.  It's so easy to get stuck in a rut believing everything worth knowing, we already know.  I've met people like that.  It's perplexing to me!

The most intolerant, unhappy, unfulfilled people I know are those who have decided they know all they need to know and shut down new ideas.   Not engaging with "new" disallows the opportunity for understanding other peoples points of view.  We might often still disagree, but sometimes tolerance is a simple as understanding how someone else might have, through their own life experience, landed at their current belief systems.

I'm not advocating switching values.  My values remain steadfast.  They're what give me the foundational support to go exploring.  They're the breadcrumbs I drop to follow back home.

I could go on all day extolling the virtue of continued learning, exploring and wondering.  The problem is, I might miss something so I'm off, but I leave you with this advice:  Do one new thing today.  Ask a different question, find the answer.  It might lead you on a great adventure to somewhere you'd never imagined. 


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