February 15, 2014

Profound Concept

I read this quote today:


What a concept!  You mean we don't have to spend our days trying to figure out what we're suppose to be, what everyone else would prefer us to be, and how to go about being all  things to all people? Apparently I missed a memo!

I've spent a shameful amount of my life trying to do just that.  Even though my dad offered great advice like "A mistake is proof that someone tried." and "If someone is talking about you, they're giving some other poor fool the day off." and my personal favorite, "Time wounds all heels,"  I still tried to be what I believed others wanted me to be.  Sometimes I did well at it.  Others seemed pleased.  At other times, I failed miserably.  Trying to please others assumes that we can ever truly know what other people want.  Most of the time, they might not even be sure themselves and yet, we think we've got it all figured out??  The sad truth is this: No matter how well I did living the "pleasing everyone" myth, there was always at least one person who was never happy.  ME.
It's taken me way too long to learn that I was put on earth to be me.  I came with a unique set of characteristics that are mine alone.  I am here to do the best I can with those qualities and to acquire more along the way.  We can't acquire more when we're living less.  We can't give and uplift from what we refuse to honor and own of ourselves. We can't pour from an empty vessel, and yet we try and try and try.
If time travel becomes possible, I think I might go back in time and whack my twenty-something self over the head and say "Hey...you!  Yes, you!  The one running around feeling like you'll never be good enough, I'm talking to you!  Get over it!  Rise up and be yourself come what may.  You won't please everyone.  You're not suppose to, but you are suppose to offer the best you have while you're learning better.  Now go out there and do it girl!"

To that, my twenty-something self would roll her eyes and wonder "what does she know?"

Ah forget it! She'll figure it out!


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