February 5, 2014

Is Finding Our Dream As Hard As Living It?

I think deep inside, each of has something calling to us.  Maybe we feel it as a longing for something more.  Some people may feel it as dissatisfaction in what they're doing or the way things are.  No matter how we experience it,  I believe until we find it, we'll always know it's out there somewhere lost and waiting for us to come and get it.  We'll hear it whisper and feel restless.

I came across an article today written by Thai Nguyen that had some compelling questions that if really considered and answered, might lead us farther down the path of discovery.

1. If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend each day doing?
2. What is it that you do that people regularly complement you on?
3. If you could set up a charity, what specific need/group would you target?

Answering the first question will help us find what it is we really love to do.  The second will point us to latent and possibly unused talents or gifts.  The third, I think I love most.  It shows us where our heart is being called...the place we're needed and where we can add value.


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