January 29, 2014


Today the sun came out and I noticed!  While I'm aware that the sun rises and shines on a regular basis, I'll admit that I don't always notice. (I also don't notice putting the dishwasher soap in the refrigerator but that's another post all together.)

The reason I happened to notice the sun today had less to do with it's brilliance than it did with with contrast.  Where I live, in the winter, there are many more days that are overcast, cloudy and snowy than sunny. That isn't always pleasant, but it turns what could be an ordinary sunny day into something spectacular!  Mostly because I notice.

Contrast.  It's what allows us enjoy the wonderful things in the world.  We need it to grab our attention.  We hate it when it brings darkness and sadness as comparatives, and we love it when the light comes shining back into our lives.

I'm learning to enjoy contrast for what it is during each of it's phases knowing that my life would be forever bleak without it.


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